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Do you feel secure? Okay, that was a bit of a trick question coming from us. We wanted an excuse to point out that even if you feel secure, that does not mean you are. Security guards and security systems are still a good idea in places where you may feel safe anyways. For instance, you may feel safe in your own home, but home invasions and theft do happen, so a security system can still improve your security. Now that we've made that point, we invite you to keep reading. This website is a place where you can read about security, and we hope that as you read, you remember that you're not always as secure as you think.



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4 Reasons To Use A Cloud-Based IT Support Service
21 May 2021

Do you find it frustrating dealing with IT issues


4 Reasons To Use A Cloud-Based IT Support Service

Do you find it frustrating dealing with IT issues like data backups? It is time to engage cloud-based IT support. It lightens your workload and lets you focus on growing your business. It is also safer to leave technical issues to professionals to avoid doing them incorrectly. For example, configuring a new account in the wrong way could give hackers an opening. Why should you use cloud-based IT support services?

1. Future-Proofing  

Are you worried about the constant need to upgrade your IT infrastructure to adapt to new technologies? You can avoid constant expenditure on IT equipment costs by detaching IT services from your hardware. 

Cloud-based IT support allows you to run your IT tasks without depending on computing hardware power. For example, you can access your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system without installing it on your old computers. You can upgrade to a more powerful CRM without upgrading your computers. Your business is future-proofed.

2. Reduced Costs 

Running IT support is expensive. For example, keeping a network admin as an employee will cost you a lot of money per year in salaries and benefits. It might force you to employ two or more employees for the same task for 24/7 availability.

Outsourcing IT support reduces your human resources costs. You pay for services as you need them. It is up to the IT support service to maintain staff round-the-clock and deliver 24/7 support. You have a predictable cost item that makes it easier to budget. 

3. Access One-stop Support 

A big disadvantage of in-house IT support, as opposed to outsourced IT support, is the headache that comes from having to search constantly for people with the right skills. You might need a database administrator one day, a network administrator the next, and a coder another day. It is cumbersome and lowers your productivity.

Cloud-based IT support allows you access to all IT services at one point. The IT support service has access to different IT specialists on-site or remotely. You can access services from a coder halfway across the world at midnight. It takes away the cumbersome one-by-one search for these specialists and delivers faster support. It translates to reduced downtime and more productivity.

4. Faster Disaster Recovery 

Cloud-based IT support can help you get back up faster when disaster strikes. For example, you only need access to basic IT equipment to get your operations backup in case of a fire. The IT support service delivers the apps and configuration you need to be operational.

Do you need top-notch IT support but lack the resources to keep in-house IT staff? Engage a professional cloud-based IT support service.